About Breakthrough Adventurer


To experience life is to live adventure

Breakthrough Adventures is based on a simple idea – that adventure can be more than just a holiday. The highs of an adventure holiday, that once-a-year trip to a far away place can be all too quickly replaced by the mundane ‘I-know-how-this-goes’ feeling that often comes with living the modern lifestyle. The ‘Breakthrough’ concept was started with an exploration of the question ‘is there another way?’ other than the ‘study-work-retire’ cycle so many of us feel trapped in.

It’s about living today as an adventure, not putting life off until tomorrow. Not disregarding the planning for tomorrow but not sacrificing today in the hope that tomorrow will be ‘safe and secure’. It’s getting out there and just doing it, in spite of the fear. People say it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. But it’s not just the journey, it’s the adventure we have on the journey that makes life come alive, that brings the wonder back to even the simplest things.

Welcome to living life to the fullest, experiencing freedom and doing it differently.

Welcome to Breakthrough Adventurer.


About Me.

I’m Nick. I’m a blogger and tour guide who chooses to live life on my terms. At the age of 36, I took leave from his IT job, packed my bags and spent a year travelling through South America, Europe and Asia with my girlfriend Karen. It was when it came time to go back to my job that he decided life could not be the same and I decided to keep the adventure going.