This is one essential element of adventure…

The element of Surprise…

On a trip last year, we did something totally unplanned that became the highlight of the whole adventure. We were in Varanasi, a place where people normally take a boat ride or take a trip out to some of the temples but I wanted to give people a different experience – something a little more authentic. I suggested we took a walk along the Ghats and what happened next was amazing.

Ten minutes into our walk, we witnessed a group of men carrying a hand paint statue of Kali, which they then carried onto a boat and threw into the river. I’ve put together a small video to give you a taste of what it was like.

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The Perspective Leap

I’m Nick from Breakthrough Adventurer and in this video, I’m going to show you the power of the perspective leap.

There’s a point some of us come to in life where everything becomes predictable and routine, where life is comfortable but we feel totally unfulfilled. For me it was in my mid 30’s. I call it living life in a comfort bubble. Continue reading “The Perspective Leap”

Committing to the Adventure

There’s a difference between fully committing to a decision and a half hearted ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ attitude.

One flows with grace and ease.
The other is like constantly swimming against the current of a raging river.

One finds joy in taking the steps required.
The other has the mind looking at backup plans and asking ‘what if this doesn’t work?’

One takes the path of adventure, committed to creating something new.
The other looks for what others have done before and follows the road they’ve paved.

One says it doesn’t matter when a step doesn’t work as expected and continues anyway.
The other gets frustrated about it and gives up.

There is often a fine line between the two but the difference in results can be quite dramatic.

Are you fully committed to living your authentic adventure?