Breaking the Rules of Breakthrough!

Have you ever said “I’ll do it tomorrow”? Well, that’s what I’ve done with my blogging for the last 3 months! There has always been an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong – I love writing but I’ve been reluctant to hit publish. What I have found in the past when I’ve put things off is that there is usually a set of unconscious rules or beliefs on the way things have to be. This has definitely been the case here.

When it gets to this, I find the easiest way out of it is to write down the rules, look at each one and ask what the worst thing would be if I was to break them. Then put aside the rules (or beliefs) that are holding me back and go ahead and do it anyway. Break the rules!

My list of rules for blogging that I came up were:
– Blogging must be done on the same day every week (oh – I’ve missed it for this week)
– All blogs must have a photo
– Blogs must be grammatically perfect (I’ve been known to review and review for hours)
– They must pass the ‘does this content make me look stupid?’ test

So, from now on, I’m going to publish blogs whenever I feel like it, limit the amount of editing I do to 1 hour for each blog, publish with or without photos and not question the content. I’m going to put these rules / beliefs aside, do it anyway and have fun with it!

What’s your cure for “I’ll do it tomorrow”? Please leave a comment and share.

6 Replies to “Breaking the Rules of Breakthrough!”

  1. Nick, welcome back. It’s so good to read your work again. I love your new mindset. Arrgghhh, getting bogged down with rules. I know this so well. Sometimes they are so implicit we don’t even know what’s hampering us. I definitely think Nike got it right, in times of doubt and overbearing rules – Just Do It!

    1. I agree – Nike definitely had it right – Just do it. It’s simple but so often the solution. Thanks for your comment Shannyn.

  2. Love it Nick. I’m a master at procrastination and pretty much fir similar reasons as you mentioned above … silly rules.
    The reason we have these rules is because we’re programmed the care what people think … If you feel it, do it!
    (Now I just have to take my own advice 🙂

    1. Totally agree. As a society I think we care too much about what others think and that then can drive what we do. Thanks for your comment Jay.

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