How to have a mid life crisis

I knew I didn’t want a sports car or to have an affair with a younger woman. I wanted to travel.

At the age of 36, I felt dejected and disengaged and constantly ask myself, ‘Is this all there is?’ I could never quite put my finger on it, I mean, life was great – I had a great career, I was in a loving relationship and earned a decent income. To the outsider, I had nothing to whinge about. It was something that I could never put my finger on – there was just something missing.

I’d always wanted to travel. We did trips every year but I wanted to go away for longer. I’m not sure why, it was just a longing I had. I wanted to simply book a one way flight and go, roll the dice, take a chance and see where the wind took me. To travel the world for a year was what I really wanted to do.

So we did. We spent 6 months in South America, 3 months in Europe and 3 months in Asia. We walked on glaciers in Patagonia, hitch hiked in Argentina and explored a nuclear silo from the Soviet era in Lithuania. It wasn’t all roses though – we narrowly avoid being express kidnaped in Bolivia and almost came face to face with a rat the size of a dog in India.

My point is I followed my call to adventure and that’s how I believe I overcame my midlife crisis. A call to adventure is also something I believe everyone has. It can be a feeling you have, an intuition or a curiosity big or small. Filling that unfillable, intangible void means learning to listen to the call and follow it. I did and it changed my life.

What’s your call to adventure? Are you answering the call?

2 Replies to “How to have a mid life crisis”

  1. So true Nick. Each day travelling contributes to a collection of stories that are so individual to you that it makes life worthwhile and make sense.
    You’re right in that almost everyone has this innate sense however not all listen to it and go on to buy the big car and the rest ….
    I’ll join you on one of your trips one day, just have to wait till we’re in the same part of the world again 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Jason. Totally agree with you on the travel stories.

      With the innate sense and not listening to it, I wonder whether it is a matter of people not knowing how to listen to that inner voice or not following it out of fear? I hear that a lot from people – I thought I wanted this and now I don’t.

      It’d be great to have you come along on one of my trips mate.


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