I See a Donkey!

Photographed by Simon Jones while on the walk.
Photographed by Simon Jones while on the walk.

“I see a donkey.  What do you see?” I said.

“A donkey?  How do you get donkey?  No, don’t be silly – it’s a fish with legs,” she said, looking up at the same set of clouds.

Ever do that as a kid?  As adults, clouds are often something that we see (especially in Melbourne!) and unconsciously dismiss them without a second thought.  In fact, it is not just clouds but often elements of everyday life – the cars that drive by, the shops we walk past and the people we see.  This is a concept we explored on a recent Urban Adventure Walk in Melbourne – not with clouds, shops or people though – with architecture.

The walk, titled Architecture – Imagination and Space had a photography and architectural flavour to it.  The idea was to simply get out, shoot photos and have loads of fun doing it.  Like using the shapes in clouds, we took parts of different buildings and photographed them in different ways.

The results were fantastic.  It was amazing to see the different perspectives people came up with in the same area.

Simply by looking at something in a different way within a familiar environment, we can see something that we’ve never noticed before and perhaps even experience some of that ‘adventure’ feeling we get when we visit a city for the first time.  In fact, one guy even said “I’ve got to remember this place – this is great – I didn’t know it was here!”

I think this Henry Miller quote sums it up beautifully:

The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.

~Henry Miller


Have you ever discovered something new about where you live after having lived there many years?  Leave a comment below and share it.

2 Replies to “I See a Donkey!”

  1. I recently noticed a house in my suburb that had a stone chimney smack bang in the centre of the roof. The following day I began to notice almost every second house in the street had a chimney of some sort. Strange for Brisbane, I thought, but a cool discovery.

    1. Wow – what a cool discovery indeed Shannyn. Thanks for sharing. It really is amazing what we begin to see when we take the time to observe.

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