The Perspective Leap

I’m Nick from Breakthrough Adventurer and in this video, I’m going to show you the power of the perspective leap.

There’s a point some of us come to in life where everything becomes predictable and routine, where life is comfortable but we feel totally unfulfilled. For me it was in my mid 30’s. I call it living life in a comfort bubble.

Now, over here we normally have something we’d love to work towards – something that is calling us but often we have no idea what that looks like and no idea how to get there.

When we look back on our life for clues, we see that we’ve studied hard, had a great career, found a place to call home and we may have even met that special someone.  It all seems very logical.

Trouble is when we apply this logic to our future, there seems to be many things blocking our path, with seemingly no way through.

What’s needed here is what I call the Perspective Leap. We see the past as logical because we are taking an overview of it. It’s like we are literally sitting in a plane and looking down on it. But if we jump out of that plane, and look at things from ground level, we start to see the past as the adventure it was. With the education – at times it was no doubt difficult. The successful career – I can think of many jobs I missed out on. And going through countless houses before finding that place to call home. Same with the relationship.

Now when we look at the future from this perspective, we start to see a way around the obstacles that are in our way, which starts to unlock many of the adventurous possibilities open to us.

That’s it for this week. So if you’ve got value from this video please share it and stay tuned for the next video. Thank you for watching.

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