This is one essential element of adventure…

The element of Surprise…

On a trip last year, we did something totally unplanned that became the highlight of the whole adventure. We were in Varanasi, a place where people normally take a boat ride or take a trip out to some of the temples but I wanted to give people a different experience – something a little more authentic. I suggested we took a walk along the Ghats and what happened next was amazing.

Ten minutes into our walk, we witnessed a group of men carrying a hand paint statue of Kali, which they then carried onto a boat and threw into the river. I’ve put together a small video to give you a taste of what it was like.

Allowing for the element of surprise has become an essential part of adventure and something we include in our trips. While it makes sense with a limited amount of time to book ahead with some things (like accommodation and transport), it is still possible to turn an ordinary trip into an incredible adventure just by allowing for a little spontaneity.

The only downside is it can make marketing more difficult because there is no guarantee of what we will do or see in these moments. However, the reward for those who choose to come along and be a part of it is nothing short of breathtaking.

Do you like to allow for the element of surprise in your adventures? Please leave a comment below.

Varanasi is included in the itinerary of our Slowly Down The Ganges trip in October 2015. Refer to our Guided Adventures page for more details.

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