Three Things I’d Wish I’d Known 3 Years Ago

Comida Rapida BarilocheWe all say to ourselves every now and then ‘if I knew then what I know now…” Well here are three things I wish I’d known three years ago when I was well and truly in my comfort bubble.

You Can Always Find A Reason

I could always find a reason to stay in my comfort bubble. I would tell myself I had had a great day and made a difference by what I had accomplished. Other times I told myself there was more certainty in what I was doing compared to trying to do something I truly loved. These days I’m more aware of my tendency to find a reason not to do things.

Make Little Changes Often

When I was living in a comfort bubble, I always believed that major changes were required to step out of it and live a more fulfilling life, which was daunting to say the least. What I’ve realised is that it’s about little changes every day that go toward building a life I love. Making little changes often helped me to minimise the uncomfortable feelings that often come with change.

Tomorrow Is Always Comfortable

“I’ll do it some day” or “I’ll do it later” were always my catch-cries. I may as well have been saying “I’ll never do it”! Effectively the only thing we do by using these phrases is create comfort and stay in the same spot. Now if I’m serious about something, I put a timeline on it. I set a date and stick to it no matter what reason comes up.

What’s one thing you know now that you wished you known earlier? Please share your thoughts below in a comment.

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