What Adventure Has Taught Me About Money


There has been a real money theme in the questions people have asked me lately. I thought I’d share three quick points on what I learnt about money from leaving the corporate world and living life as an adventure.

Money Does Not Equal Freedom

Years ago, my aim was to set up a passive income to replace my salary and make it so I didn’t have to work, creating the freedom to do what I loved. What I have found is doing what I really love creates the freedom I was searching for. Don’t wait – do what you really love to do today.

You Don’t Need As Much Money As You Think

“I want to replace my income dollar-for-dollar doing something I want to do.” People say this to me all the time.

My response is normally to ask if they need this amount of money.

Cost out the life you’d love. You may just find it doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Don’t Make Money The Goal

I have a friend who was given a brand new car on a first date (true story).

Many people assume you have to have lots of money to do things, so making money very quickly becomes the focus. By doing this, motivation is made significantly more difficult and loads of other possibilities are disregarded.

Define what it is you want but be open to how. You never know, someone might give you a car!

What have been your greatest money lessons?  Please share in a comment below.

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