Why We Need Adventure

El Chalten

…Adventure pops the comfort bubble and makes you feel alive again…

It was a summer afternoon in Melbourne back in January and I was catching up with a friend after running one of my Urban Adventure Walks. We were discussing all things adventure when he asked me the question, “Why do we need adventure?”

I told him, “In short, adventure pops the comfort bubble and makes us feel alive again.”

I went on to explain that over time people can unknowingly develop a comfort bubble around their lives, whereby life becomes very routine, unchallenging and predictable. Along with that, feelings of discontent develop with an inevitable sense of being trapped. On the surface, there is no problem because they have a job in which they are successful and enough money to live. Underneath however, the comfort bubble is slowly sucking the life out of them, leaving them with an existence devoid of meaning and with a feeling of being dead inside.

If the comfort bubble is the hands around the neck strangling the life out of them, then adventure is the shot of oxygen that breathes life back into the soul. Adventure pops the comfort bubble and makes them feel alive again.

Whenever we hear the word adventure, there is a tendency to think of it in the extreme sense – flying a hot air balloon around the world or crossing the Sahara desert on foot. At its core however, adventure is simply a journey into the unknown. It might be setting yourself a challenge that stretches you, doing something a different way or simply experiencing something new. Adventure makes the world come alive again, gives one a sense of joy and creates wonder within our lives.

“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences…”

~ Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

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  1. There are times when travelling I have not understood the language, not been able to find my accommodation and had to avoid certain foods/water etc and it’s been the most awesome experience. I have a very strong comfort bubble when at home that I find evaporates when I travel. It is liberating. Great blog.

    1. Shannyn, That’s great! Isn’t it funny how those situations are often the ones that make travel such an awesome experience. And travel is definitely one way to give our selves the opportunity to step outside of our comfort bubble. Thanks for sharing.

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